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since the 95 year of NBA, Kevin Garnett, who has been fighting for 17 seasons, has been selected for the all - Star game 14 times with his own talent and effort. 2012-2013 NBA career in the eighteenth season, Garnett in the eastern third of the high number of votes again into the first lineup, the historic fifteenth game of all star game! To commemorate the 15 selected for its extraordinary journey, Anta created very Chinese characteristics of the all star edition KG III boots.

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the red color Air Jordan 1 at the end of this year is undoubtedly the most heavy grade shoes. The appearance of the first pair of Air Jordan shoes in 1985 has been reproduced perfectly, so that people can once again realize that they pioneered the new history of sports shoes. item: 555088-023
release date: December 28th related information

This , Air Jordan 6 Low "White Infrared" is presented in classic white infrared dress. It selects high quality leather and takes white as the main color. It is quite harmonious and classic White Infrared color matching is more rapid. It is worth looking forward to.

Jiangshan generation of talented people, but only occupy most of the market in the Nike and Adidas two giant, NBA is not easy to squeeze into the market.

is such a big cake in front of Chinese brand eyebrows, other brands are also eager to. Thankfully, in the past season, we finally see some new faces, although many belong to "refurbished goods", but enough to meet the desire of the early adopters of Sneaker.

APL is forbidden to enter

actually, the brand of APL is not appearing in the NBA arena, and may never even appear. But because of NBA, the new sports brand is well known, it is absolutely the most red.

"according to the alliance, players are not allowed to wear sports shoes that allow themselves to profit illegally and violate the spirit of the competition." The ban is not the latest NBA, but the alliance has only been stressed in recent seasons. This is not clear, because now in the market, APL is by virtue of "raise bounce" propaganda to attract NBA players.

this year has just come out, the price of up to $300 basketball shoes, is designed by company co founded by former California University player Guedes Don brothers. The principle is not complicated: APL the Load'N Launch technology patented technology in simple terms, is actually in the shoes of the sole has a built-in cavity, when the gas pressure inside the athlete is compressed, and when the jump when you can use the pressure brought by the rebound to help players jump. But according to a test by American journalists, APL basketball shoes can only allow the wearer to jump two or three centimeters at most - the cost of jumping is too high.

even so, this is enough to attract those who want to play or semi occupation, occupation occupation game player. Goodes Don brothers said in an interview that many NBA players, including 30% of the rookies, are interested in APL basketball shoes, because most of them have basketball shoes contracts and can't wear APL basketball shoes to play NBA. But NBA is so sensitive to the new basketball shoes, and even reclaims the prohibition. It's a surprise to many people. APL basketball shoes even treat the NBA ban as the best ad. In the company's official website, the first time such a page: "a huge sheet was killed by NBA" printed out in the shoes on. The Goodes Don brothers even held promotional activities: to buy shoes free postage!

is sure that APL is the big winner of the event. If it had been known in a certain range, NBA fans all over the world have heard of it a lot. Even some people think that if the product was not priced too high, APL could be just as red as Jordan's first generation of signature shoes. A blessing in disguise, even in APL and NBA insulation, as long as the shoes can be sold, what is the relationship?

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